A few from the metaphorical vault, because I don’t have a literal one. That would be pretty cool if I did, though.

More Del Taco. Who says you can't have fun without actors?

To celebrate Emily McDowell's take on love, we recruited the help of something all San Franciscans love, even though it's not perfect: the fog.

Bonus Mixer funnies from the very first time around.

Create Change initiative for Microsoft Surface. Six NFL stars, six inspiring causes, twelve lucky fans who got to watch the Patriots lose the Super Bowl to the Eagles in person.

The mobile payment app Softcard (now part of Google) needed a rebrand after their old name, Isis, became unusable for pretty obvious reasons. Enter Tappy. While I can't take credit for coming up with the little guy, I did get to introduce him to the world.

This was also my first multi-day shoot in LA and post-wrap we went to a party where I ended up smoking a joint with* Isaiah Mustafa who, if you can believe it, is actually more handsome in real life. Aren't you glad you scrolled all the way through this page?


*at least twenty feet away from